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We all know India Fantasy Sports have gained immense popularity in past few years. The reason behind this popularity is the platform of fantasy sports where anyone can show their skills and talent to earn real money. It’s basically a skill-based sport.

India Fantasy or we can say Indian Fantasy is the platform, where you have to create a virtual team based on real players playing the live match. Your fantasy team player’s performance will rely on the performance of real player’s. So, select your team players wisely to win big.

You can use this platform to play fantasy games like fantasy football and fantasy cricket and can win big cash prizes. There are a number of apps and website in the market, but if you are looking for some uniqueness and better features with the best user interface, download the fantasypower11 app. Here you will get maximum chances of winning, bonus offers and exciting prizes.

India Fantasy App is Free to Play or Not?

You can download the app free, but after that, you have to join a contest, which will not be free. You will see the number of contests running for every single match. To join any contest, you have to pay the contest joining fee first and after that you can create your team.

But don’t worry, you can join the contest with a minimum amount of Rs 49. After joining, it totally depends on your knowledge and skills, how much you take away. Just be careful in choosing a contest. Make sure you are choosing a contest on the basis of factors like joining fee, number of partakers, prize pool, etc.

Point System of India Fantasy Cricket

You must aware of the point system before choosing a team and entering into a contest. But be very careful while choosing Captain and Vice-Captain of your team. Because a captain received 2X points and a Vice-Captain received 1.5X Points for each run scored by them.

Check out here complete point system

  • Action
  • Points
  • A Player in playing 11
  • 4
  • Each Run Scored
  • 1
  • For Wicket
  • 25
  • For Catch Taken
  • 8
  • For Stumping
  • 12
  • Run Out
  • 12
  • Catcher
  • 4
  • Thrower
  • 8
  • Bonus
  • Points
  • Four
  • 1
  • Six
  • 2
  • Scoring Half Century
  • 8
  • For Century
  • 16
  • For Maiden Over
  • 8
  • For 4 Wickets
  • 8

How to Make Team While Playing Indian Fantasy League?

With the help of fantasy cricket tips, you can create a superb team, which will be responsible to make you win. Just keep in mind some factors like players form, pitch report, weather condition and so on.

Creating a team on Fantasypower11 is very easy. Initially, just select the match which you want to play. You will see all the players of both teams will be listed there. From here you have to choose 11 players in the combination of wicketkeepers, Batsman, Bowlers, and All-Rounders.

Every player has their own credit points and you will have 100 credit points to choose a team of 11 players. So, choose accordingly!

You can create a maximum of 6 teams for a particular contest. We recommend playing with more than 1 team. By doing this your chance of winning will be augmented.

India fantasy League on Fantasypower11 App

Fantasy power 11 is one of the best apps out of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps. To start playing on our app, you need to download the app first. You can download the app from our website directly i.e., https://fantasypower11.com/

After downloading the app, register yourself with your Gmail id or Facebook Id. After registration, you can start your India fantasy league journey by choosing a match, creating a team, and joining the contest.

So, guys! start playing on the best fantasy sports app and earn a lot of money.