Who is fantasy power 11?

Ans - Fantasy power 11 is the leading sports fantasy app where you can win big just by using your interest and knowledge in your favourite sports. Just make a team of your favourite players from the list and get winnings according to the real performances of your players in live matches.

What fantasy sports are we offering?

Ans -We offer cricket fantasy, basketball fantasy and football fantasy. In cricket fantasy, there are sub-distinctions available like:
I. Classic fantasy
II. Batting fantasy
III. Bowling fantasy
IV. Premium fantasy

Why do we distribute winning amount to users when ranks have clashed?

Ans - We understand and agree that whenever ranks have clashed, both users had tried their best to form the best team but at a point of time, their skills sets must have matched and as its results, they have formed the team which scored equal points. In our opinion, they both are capable of getting that rank and we consider them both as winners. So, we distribute the winnings equally among the same rank holder.

How users can withdraw money?

Ans - After verifying email and phone number successfully, the users need to verify their pan card details and bank account details. After the successful verification of documents, they can withdraw money in their bank and Paytm wallet.

Is pan card details verification necessary for Paytm withdrawal?

Ans - No, not at all. You just need to verify a Paytm linked number in the app and the money that you will withdraw on Paytm will go the Paytm wallet linked with that number. It should have full KYC done.

How to add cash and apply promocode in the app?

Ans - Follow these easy steps and it will be done:

  • Open the app and go to the account section.
  • In balance, click on add cash.
  • On add cash page, you will see the image of available promo codes.
  • Check which promocode is most suitable for you and add cash according to it and type the relevant promocode in the bar and click to apply. You will get POP-UP notification promocode applied successfully and then press the add cash option at the bottom. Do as what is directed and you will see it is done.

How to get a signup bonus?

Ans - After signing into the app, when you verify your email and phone number successfully, then you get a signup bonus of Rs 100/-

How to get join league referral amount?

Ans - When your reference joins a paid contest then you will get 25% of the total profit that fantasy power 11 is getting from that particular user. You will receive this amount after the results of that contest is declared. No commission will be given in case of match abandoned or cancellation.

How much referral bonus is given to the existing user who refers to the app?

Ans - We provide Rs 100 cash bonus reward to the user who refers the app to a friend.

What’s the time duration of getting profit commission from referrals?

Ans - It's for lifetime offer. You will get the commission from that user as long as he or she plays on the fantasy power 11.