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Fantasy Football has become very popular these days. But do you know what it is exactly? It’s an online football game where you have to create a virtual team of 11 players before joining the contest. Your rank in a contest will depend on the performance of real players, which will be added to your virtual team.

If you will keep in mind some crucial factors before choosing players for your fantasy football teams, then the chances of your winning will be high. Here are those factors:

  • Recent Form of Player
  • Ground Report
  • Competing Teams
  • History of teams

Choose 11 players, who can score high for your team with their performance in Goalkeeping, Mid-fielding, Striking, and Defending. The selection of these players will depend on the above-mentioned factors.

Like Fantasy Cricket, this fantasy football is also the game of skills, knowledge, and predictive abilities and you have to be perfect in all these to win the contest.

How to Play Fantasy Football?

On FantasyPower11 App, you can create a superb fantasy football scout with your knowledge, skills and by keeping in mind those crucial factors. Here are the steps:

  • Login to your Fantasypower11 app
  • Choose the match you want to play
  • Create your 11 players team from those two teams which are going to play a real match. But remember one thing while selecting a team is that you will have a total of 100 credits to create a team. Each player has his own credit value.
  • Choosing a Captain and Vice-Captain is Important after selecting a team. As you will get 2X points for captain and 1.5X for Vice-Captain. So, choose the best two players out of 11 as your captain and vice-captain.
  • Now it’s time to enter a contest. On the Fantasypower11 app, you will find the number of contests running for a particular match. Choose the best one as per your interest and get a chance to win 10 times more than your entry fee.
  • After that keep follows the match to check your fantasy football scores on our app.

Can I Change my Fantasy Football Scout After Match Has Started?

No, you can’t change your fantasy footballers’ team, after the match has started. But you will get a deadline to choose or edit your fantasy football scout. After that deadline, you can’t change anything in your team. So, make sure your team should be best for the first time.

Why You Should Play Fantasy Football?

India is the Nation of Sports Lovers and Fantasy sports have gained massive popularity in the last few years. But why you should play fantasy football on online platforms like fanatsypower11? If you have same question in your mind, then here are the reasons:

  • You can choose your team by yourself, as per your knowledge, skills, and predictive abilities.
  • You can play every single match happening anywhere in India and can win in every match. There is no such limit which can stop you from playing and winning.
  • You can win exciting prizes and real cash. But before that you should have complete knowledge about point system before entering in to any cash contests.

Why You Should Play on Our FantasyPower11 App?

Fantasypower11 is the best app out of the top 10 fantasy cricket apps in India. Here you will get a chance to play with cricket legends and if you beat them, you can win big cash.
Other than this some more features are here which make our app unique and most favorite as compare to other apps:

  • You can instantly sign up with Google or Facebook account
  • You will experience a User-Friendly Interface, where you can easily find running or upcoming matches, can easily create teams, and can check your points.
  • We keep publishing dedicated blogs of match predictions, fantasy cricket tips and fantasy football tips to help our users in winning big.
  • Our platform is 100% safe in terms of deposit and withdrawal money.
  • You will get a chance to play with real players, not bots.
  • Here you will get different bonus offers and cashback offers from time to time.
  • Referral Bonus

Is FantasyPower11 Safe and Legal to Play Fantasy Sports Games?

Yes, of course, Fantasypower11 is 100% safe and legal. Fantasy Sports require knowledge, skills, and the ability to win cash prizes. According to the supreme court of India, every game which needs skills and knowledge to win real cash is not gambling.
So, you can play on our platform without any problem and can win big cash by using your skills only.

How to Download FantasyPower11 App

To enjoy fantasy premier league on our app, you can download our app from our website i.e., Fantasypower11.com and can take part in different contest of cricket and football. So, stop thinking and start making money by playing on best India fantasy league app.