Fair Play

Fair Play at Fantasypower11

The team of experts at Fantasypower11 takes it as an honour to undertake the prior responsibility to ensure the cultural concept with much responsibility. We at Fantasypower11 work as Fantasy gaming platform within the arena of Fantasy. As long as the game goes on, you are going to fully align the precision of ‘the game of skill’ including the knowledge that is predominant.

It also includes the training, attention as well as experience of a player. We as the team encourage various kinds of acts like the gambling, betting and any other act that create ethical way to enjoy the sports as long as you love.

No Fake Accounts Allowed as Per Our Fair Play Guidelines

It is always suggested that the users should not use any fake accounts to lay the game. They should be genuine people who are playing the game by gaining to the Refer and Earn cash bonus in terms of accounts. No violation of the game will be entertained. The PAN Card of all your friends or known acquaintance should be verified. Users creating more than one account are supposed to be punishable while on Fantasypower11 platform.

No Violation of Fantasypower11 Terms

The rules and regulations of the Fair Play need to be abided by the users. Withdrawing illegal money means trying to withdraw cash by consideration of the violation in the Fair Play terms of Fantasypower11. If any user is seen committing mistakes or submitting the fake identities or documents registering while play fantasy cricket on fantasypower11 platform, he will be considered violating the Fair Play Terms.

If there is any violation that is seen right at any moment, the total amount in the wallet is reduced to Zero and the user loses all money as a consequence. The team of experts is ready 24X7 with the best help support centre to ensure the best fantasy sports experience and outcome. The play format is also easy so that all users can play accordingly.