Carrom Board

Carrom Board is one of the most classical games that has originated from India. It is a tabletop game and is very popular in the South-East Asian region, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives.
The game became popular across the world during World War I. Indian soldiers played the game in their free time.
Initial reports suggest that carroms tournaments started in 1935 in Sri Lanka. By 1958, both India and Sri Lanka started hosting various serious tournaments. Both the countries also had official federations for organizing, sponsoring, and awarding prizes during carrom board games.
The International Carrom Federation (ICF) was formed in the year 1988. The headquarter of the ICF is in Chennai. The formal rules used by Carrom players in India were introduced to the ICF in its formation year, and they codified the same in the same year.
The game is also popular in the Arabian Peninsula region that includes the countries Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain.
Indian people who migrated there have also taken the game to places like United Kingdom, Europe, North America, and Australia.
The United Kingdom also formed a United Kingdom Chess Federation (UKCF) in 1991 in London. The primary aim of UKCF is to organize different tournaments in the UK, promote the game of carrom board throughout the UK, and ensure the participation of players from all across the UK in major international tournaments.
USA and Canada have a United States Carrom Association (USCA) that reports about the competitions in both countries. The Association also maintains the player ranking list.
Pakistan Carrom Federation (PCF) was set up in 2004. Since then, the PCF has worked towards promoting the game in the country and teaching the game to players.
The German Carrom Federation (GCF) was founded in the year 1986. The main objective of the GCF is to support and maintain the game of carrom in the country. The Italian Carrom Federation (ICF) was founded in the year 1995. The main aim of the Federation is to spread the game throughout Italy. The Federation is supported by some volunteers who organize events across the country to teach and educate about the game.
The Japan Carrom Federation (JCF) was formed in the year 1997. The current headquarter of the JCF is in Tokyo. The first headquarter was in Hikone. The JCF organized the first national championship in 2004. JCF now holds tournaments, demonstrations, and training camps across the country. Apart from being a global sport, the carrom board game is a household game in India. It is played in the family during social gatherings and special occasions.
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Carrom Game Equipments

Small disks of wood or plastic are used to play carrom. These disks are also called carrom men. The surface of these disks is smooth so that they can slide easily when hit by a striker.
The total number of disks is 19, including the queen. The disks are of three colors. The pink piece is red. The other pieces are of white and black color.
Carrom striker is the disk that is used to push the other disks into the pockets. The striker is heavier than the other disks.

The Queen in the Carrom Board Game

The red-colored disk is called the queen, and it is the most important disk in carrom. By pocketing a queen, the player can get three points added to their tally. The weight and the dimensions of the queen are the same as that of the other disks.
At the start of the game, the queen is placed at the center of the board. There are certain rules when it comes to pocketing the queen:

  • The player who pockets the queen needs to pocket another coin of their own choice of color. The color of the coin that a player will pocket is decided before the game starts.
  • If the player fails to pocket another coin after pocketing the coin, then the queen will be placed in the center of the board.
  • If a player pockets another player’s coin after pocketing the queen, then the move won’t be considered and the queen will again be placed at the center of the board.
  • If a player pockets the last coin before pocketing the queen then the move won’t be considered and it will be counted as a foul. The coin’s color can be his/her own or the choice of color of the other player.
  • If a player pockets both the queen and the coin of his/her choice color in one single move, the move will be considered, no matter which carrom men went first.

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How to Play Carrom?

The game of carrom works on the principle of potting the maximum coins. The same principle also applies to pool and snooker.
The game starts with a player striking first with the striker. A player aims to pot as many coins as possible.
After a player pockets a coin, he/she gets another chance to strike. One player can pot all the coins in one go without even giving a shot to the opponent.
The queen is the most important coin in the game. The player who pots the queen will need to pot another coin of his color of choice.
A player gets only one attempt to pot a coin. If the player fails to pot a coin in the first attempt, the other player gets a chance to pot the coins. This is how the game progresses.
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