Which is the Most Successful Team in IPL?


Cricket is regarded as a religion in the nation, and the IPL is regarded as the country's biggest festival. But we all know that due to the deadly spread of corona in our nation, the BCCI decided to postpone the 14th season of IPL this year.

Even though the year 2020 also saw some significant setbacks, IPL 2020 made a strong contribution. And thus, taking those figures and scores, we will analyze the most successful team in IPL till now. Every IPL squad, however, aspires to win the prestigious IPL trophy; some have won it more times than the others, while many are waiting to be crowned champions. Any franchise will become a top team in the IPL by cracking the code to victory.

Mumbai Indians are the strongest team in IPL history, based on titles won (4 times). Chennai Super Kings, which have won the IPL trophy three times, is the second-best team in the league. Kolkata Knight Riders, who have won the IPL twice, are the third-best team in the league. The three teams mentioned above are the most competitive in the IPL, having won the title several times.

The Mumbai Indians won the IPL 2020, which has been a common occurrence, but this year's IPL also saw some incredible firsts. The number of incredible catches was insane, players gave it their all, and by the end of the season, several new faces had emerged as the season's main heroes. However, not everything went according to plan in the season 2020. The Chennai Super Kings, a fan favorite due to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, did not do well.

By keeping every season in mind and by evaluating their performances, here are the most successful team in IPL:

Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians are without a doubt the most competitive team in the IPL. It has become the most prolific squad in the IPL, led by the phenomenal batsman Rohit Sharma. The Reliance Group owns this team, which has won five IPL trophies, the most of any team to date, in the years 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and now in 2020. In the years 2011 and 2013, they even won two Champions Trophies. They have a 57.29 percent winning percentage. The Mumbai Indians are the most successful team in IPL. For a variety of factors, it is the strongest team in IPL history. MI is the most successful IPL team, having won 105 games, the most of any team.

Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings, who have won the IPL trophy three times, are the strongest team in IPL history. When several people are asked which team is the greatest or best in the IPL, the name Chennai Super Kings comes to mind. CSK is one of the most effective IPL teams, having won the tournament in 2010, 2011, and 2018. This unit is also the best in the IPL under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. The rivalry between the two clubs, the Mumbai Indians and the Chennai Super Kings, has always been fierce, and the same can be seen among fans. This team is the best IPL team in the nation, with a win percentage of 61.2.

Kolkata Knight Riders

KKR is ranked third on this list of the most active IPL players, having won the most consecutive games in the competition, all under the strong leadership of Gautam Gambhir. In the years 2012 and 2014, they won the IPL title both times and have a winning percentage of 51.6%. The team is currently headed by Captain Dinesh Kartik, who is widely regarded as the best captain in the IPL.  The question of who the best team in the IPL is often asked; the record of 14 consecutive victories likely answers the question.

Rajasthan Royals

RR breaks the top four on this list thanks to a strong showing on the track. It was one of the most popular teams in the IPL and the tournament's first champion under the leadership of Shane Warne. In the 2013 IPL season, they finished third. In the 2015 and 2018 IPL seasons, the Royals have made the playoffs. The team did fine in season 2020 under Steve Smith's leadership but couldn't find a place in the finals. The optimistic captain will strive to be at his best and to get the most out of his teammates.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

They were originally known as the Deccan Chargers Hyderabad but were later renamed Sunrisers Hyderabad. Due to their solid lineup and players, SRH has always been regarded as one of the best teams in the IPL. Their supporters refer to them as the Orange Army. They went on to win the IPL title in 2016 and finish second in the 2018 season. The team captured the Indian Premier League championship in 2018 under the leadership of the remarkable David Warner.

As a result, these are the most successful IPL teams. This is still a squad with a sizable fan base. Although the glitz, luxury, and excitement of the live crowd in the stands was lacking this year, we were treated to some truly insane matches on our screens. From super overs to huge chases and some flawless catches, IPL 2020 had everything we needed to keep us entertained for the duration of the tournament. Hope to watch the next season of the IPL live and cheer on our favorite teams.

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