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How to play the game of Fantasy Power 11?

The fantasy cricket game is the 2nd innings contest which is noted among the unique features of the Fantasy Power 11. Users will definitely get the time to decide which team to support when the team you choose at the starting of the match was not at all performing well. It is enough to get the prize if your choice is good.
Tough times are right enough here only, there is a cover to the 2nd innings and its contest. These contests are the right choice in which you need to give a second chance required for the winning in the match. So what is the concept about the 2nd innings contest? After the match starts it is well into the middle of the overs.
Half of the information is already there in the contest and its rules. It includes batting, bowling, wicket keeping and pitching. This way is one of the right thing which helps in creating another team before the second innings. Choosing from the collection of 14 odd players instead of the 22 is one of the key components of the match.
Batsman and bowlers are all included in the team. While opening the contest on Fantasy Power 11, there will be three tabs which will be included in it- Full match, joined matches and 2nd innings. Once the match begins, users need to click on the 2nd innings tab and join the game in the contest section.
Once you are in the second innings tab, you must choose the type of contest you are willing to join along with the rest of the procedure. You can make teams for the 2nd Innings unless and until the match starts. It means you can prepare your team before 10 minutes of the match to begin.
Once the 2nd innings begins the leader board also gets the start. But then yes remember when the match gets started, the innings gets locked up and the points will be shown. The rest of the procedure is all the same while joining the full match contests.